** e-ISuite Train-the-Trainer sessions are open for nominations. More information can be found on the Training link to the left. **

e-ISuite Timelines:

  1. Field Testing has been conducted on multiple incidents
    • e-ISuite was used alongside I-Suite, and performed well
    • Some issues were identified and either fixed or will be fixed
    • Field personnel had opportunities to see and use e-ISuite
    • e-ISuite was viewed positively by IMT members
  2. Train-the-Trainer Sessions October – November 2014
    • Information and details to be provided soon
  3. A Beta version of e-ISuite will be available for use in October 2014; full Production version will be deployed in April 2015
  4. Decommission I-Suite December 2015

For additional information, please contact Gina Bald, Project Manager at gbald@fs.fed.us or Sarah Fisher, Business Lead, at srfisher@fs.fed.us.